By Laws Ammendments

At our May meeting the By Laws Committee Chairman presented a proposed amendment which would strike the requirement that Directors can only serve two full terms on the Board, where they would then have to move up to an Officer’s position or move off the Board. After much discussion amongst the members present, a vote was taken after a motion was made and seconded, to adopt the proposal. the motion did not carry and a second motion was made and seconded to reject the proposed amendment. The By Laws continue to contain the requirement that a Director can only serve for two full 3 year terms.


Let any Board member know if you are interested in serving on one of BPMIA’s committees. See the available committees on the committees page. 

Also let us know if there are topics of discussion, or concerns you would like presented at a regular Association meeting. 

To all UCC instructors; make a BPMIA regular meeting a field trip/class for your students. They can network with colleagues and get their names out there for possible future employment and hopefully join our ranks to make our association membership strong. Hand outs should include a membership application.

To all members: Help us get the word out to the world by forwarding to us, the email addresses of your friends and associates who are in related professions, and who might be interested to in joining our Association. See the BPMIA contacts page for contact information. 


Uniform Construction Code Program: Bergen Community College. 

Bergen Community College offers classes for construction professionals who are looking to advance their careers and become New Jersey State Inspectors for local municipalities. Obtaining a technical or administrative license enhances the chances for higher paying, more responsible jobs. Questions? Please contact 201 447-7488 or email

Bergen Community College, the Division of Continuing Education & Worfkforce Development

Licensing: Bergen Community College


Classes required for DCA / UCC licensing will start in February 2023, but only if there are enough students to run a class. Call the number below if you are interested in continuing your education for licensure by the State of New Jersey as code officials.


Steps Toward Licensing

Administrative Licenses:

  1. Sub-Code Official (Administrative)
  2. Construction Code Official (Administrative)


Technical Licenses:

  1. RCS – Residential Commercial Structures (Building Inspector licensure)
  2. ICS – Industrial Commercial Structures
  3. HHS – Hazardous High-rise Structures

Attendance requirements are mandated for each course by the state; however, attendance does not ensure licensing. Prerequisites for all courses will be enforced by the Licensing Bureau, New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs.

For information on how to take the national tests or apply for your NJ license, contact the New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Construction Code Services by calling (609) 984-7834.

• The New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs currently offers students a 100% reimbursement of the tuition for qualified applicants.  If you have any questions about qualifying for any of these courses, then you must talk to the Department of Community Affairs before you register!  There are no refunds once classes are started. 

 Please register early. For more information, please call (201) 447-7488.  You can register over the phone! 





The next regular meeting of the Bergen Passaic Municipal Inspectors Association will be held on June 7th, 2023, at the Crow’s Nest, 701 Vincent Avenue Hackensack 07601 Guest speaker Harold Peddie, managing member of Backflow Testing Services LLC, will talk on three types of backflow prevention devices, what hazards they address, how they function, and how they are tested. Please make every effort to attend our last regular meeting before our summer break. If you are interested in one of the Director’s seats on the Board of Directors, please contact Ernie Sisco, immediate Past President at, or see him before the start of the June meeting on the 7th. Hope to see you there.

Bring your code questions and comments, and also any topics you’d like to discuss at our regular meetings.

It is with great sadness to have to announce the passing of long time member and Past President Greg Velardi. Greg served as a Board member and worked his way up through the chairs to eventually serve as BPMIA’s President. He served with honor and distinction, and contributed greatly to the cause, what we as code enforcement professionals must all strive for, which is the protection of people who interact within the built environment.

Greg will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace dear friend.



Full-Time Building Subcode Official HHS / Inspector.  Minimum 5 years’ experience. The successful candidate will perform plan review and sign tech sections along with a variety of duties for the city which will include inspecting new and existing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and structures to enforce compliance with applicable local and building codes. Applicants must possess a valid license as a Building Subcode (RCS), (ICS) and (HHS), Inspector, and Construction Official licenses issued by the NJDCA. The successful candidate will have good communication skills in working with the public. Salary commensurate with experience.  Summit is an equal opportunity employer and reserves the right to interview and/or select a candidate prior to the closing of this ad.

To learn more and apply, visit:  NO PHONE/FAX.

Look at our Classified page for code official job openings.

BPMIA held its regular monthly meeting on December 7th, 2022. The meeting was held at the Crow’s Nest in Hackensack. Past President Felix Esposito administered the oath of office to the incoming officers for 2023.

There are three open board seats for director positions on the board, so if you are interested, please contact Vice President Anthony Merlino at

Get involved gents. 

There are also opportunities to serve on committees, a list of which is also available through the President.

Get involved.

Application forms for membership, the Scholarship awards fund, and the golf outing can be downloaded from this page.

Legislative News

The 2021 IBC, IRC, IFGC, IMC, IECC, and the 2020 NEC have all been officially adopted by the State of New Jersey on September 6th, 2022. The 2021 National Standard Plumbing Code was also adopted on September 19th, 2022. The grace periods run until March 5th, 2023, and March 18th, 2023, respectively. All adopted codes are now available to use on the DCA website at, the New Jersey versions of which are included for the IBC, the IRC, and the NSPC. Don’t forget that the other adopted codes do not include NJ’s changes, and they are also found on the Codes and Regulations page. They include the NEC 2020 edition, and the 2021 editions of the IECC, the IMC, the IFGC, and the 2017 ICC/ANSI A117.1 standard. You will have to click on Related Links on that page to navigate to the NJUCC, and specifically to Subchapter 3 where the NJ changes can be found, starting with NJAC 5:23-3.14. Update your 2021 codes which should be able to be ordered from ICC at to be ready for March 5th, or in the event a permit application is submitted to your office based on the new codes.

Another proposal that has been adopted and is now in the UCC, is meant to clarify the Conflict of Interest rules found in NJAC 5:23-4.5 (j) iii, as shown in red below. Prior approvals and fees must be those of the municipality where the work is located, as is the responsibility of the municipality where the work is located to report the work to the DCA.

iii. Where an inspection or enforcement procedure is performed by another
enforcing agency due to a conflict of interest, the fee schedule of the enforcing agency in
which the project is located shall be utilized in calculating the fees for the project. The
State training fee for the project and the reporting of the project pursuant to Department
requirements shall be submitted by the enforcing agency where the project is located.
After inspection or enforcement procedures have been performed, the agency that
performed such procedures shall provide the information required to be reported to the
municipality where the project is located. Permit documentation shall be shared between
the local enforcing agencies for timely and accurate reporting. The prior approvals
required in the municipality where the project is located shall apply.



If anyone is interested in a position on BPMIA’s executive board, send in your letter of intent by June 30, 2023, to the Nominating Committee chairman Ernie Sisco. His email address is Get involved.

Contact Vice President Anthony Merlino if you’re interested in serving on a committee. Positions are still available for 2023.


Congratulations to all newly sworn-in Officers and Directors for the 2023 year.

Rich Silvia  – President
Anthony Merlino – Vice President / Secretary
Mel Streeter – Treasurer
Bob Schultz – Director for a three-year term.

Ernie Sisco– Past President

Officers and Directors were sworn in at our annual installation meeting on December 7th, 2022 by our friend and colleague, past President Felix Esposito.

September 13TH, 2023. Look to this site for the event details as planning progresses.

proceeds will benefit scholarships and charities

Farmstead Golf and Country Club
88 Lawrence Road, Lafayette, NJ 07848

“AS ALWAYS”  Felix’s hospitality kart
Download Application Form


2019 Annual Scholarship Golf Outing

Our annual golf outing was held on September 25th at the Farmstead Country Club and deemed to be another huge success. Proceeds are used for our Scholarship fund which helps our children while attending college. Many thanks to Ernie Sisco and his committee for their hard work in making the outing the success it always turns out to be.