Dear members, the daughter of member Allan Burghardt, Christine, has passed away. The executive Board, and I will take the liberty of also including all members of our association, extend our sincerest condolences to Allan and his family during these trying times.

A wake will be held on Sunday September 25th from 2 to 6 PM at the Santangelo Funeral Home, 635 Mc Bride Avenue in Woodland Park. 

Look at our Classified page for code official job openings.

BPMIA held its regular monthly meetings after our summer break in September on the 7th. The meeting was held at the Crow’s Nest in Hackensack at 309 Vincent Avenue 07601.

The nominating Committee announced the slate of Officers and Directors for the upcoming year at the September meeting. At our October meeting the committee will again announce the slate and also request nominations from the floor. Should there be a need for elections, they will take place at our November meeting. The current slate reads as follows:

President – Rich Silvia

Vice President – No candidate

Secretary – Anthony Merlino

Treasurer – Mel Streeter

There are two board seats for  director’s positions on the board. At our October meeting, the slate will again be read with nominations also being called for from the floor for two director positions and for the office of Vice President. You must have served at least two full terms to hold an Officer position on the executive board.

To our members: Our regular October meeting will not be on the first Wednesday of the month, as is always the case, but because we have planned the October meeting as a beefsteak affair, our normal venues such as the Wayne Company 2 firehouse and the Midland Park firehouse where our Christmas Parties have been held are not available on October 5th. We will now hold our beefsteak meeting on Friday October 7th at the Midland Park Firehouse on 45 Witte Drive, Midland Park NJ 07432. Please make a note of this change, and you will also be receiving reminder emails about it. the cost is $ 50.00 which includes beer, soda, and bottled water. Please email me if you will be attending the meeting, as it’s important to have an accurate count for the caterer. As of today, September 23rd, i have received 2 emails from Board members telling me they will attend. Is it so hard to write the email?

Also, see below, the post for our 25th anniversary Annual Golf outing, another fundraiser for our scholarship fund. As always, a pleasant day to be out with friends and colleagues for a worthy cause, as was the case this past September 14th. Our President and Chairman of the Golf Outing Committee will have a report at the October 7th Beefsteak meeting.


We hope that all our members and their families are enjoying the summer.

Application forms for membership, the Scholarship awards fund, and the Golf outing can be downloaded from this page. See the box on the right.

Beefsteak! October 7, 2022. When is the last time you attended one?

Please let me know who’s coming. it takes 30 seconds to send me a message.             

Legislative News

There are two proposals in the New Jersey Register pertaining to the adoption of the next set of codes. One proposal is for the adoption of the 2021 National Standard Plumbing Code, and the second proposal is for the adoption of the 2021 editions of the ICC’s IBC, IRC, IFGC, IMC, IECC, and the 2020 NEC. These will all have new Jersey’s amendments that are included in these proposals. Comments must be submitted by June 17, 2022 for both proposals.

Another proposal that the comment period has actually expired is meant to clarify the Conflict of Interest rules found in NJAC 5:23-4.5 (j) iii, as shown in red below. Prior approvals and fees must be those of the municipality where the work is located, as is the responsibility of the municipality where the work is located to report the work to the DCA. These are only proposals at this time, and we will report as to if and when they are adopted.

iii. Where an inspection or enforcement procedure is performed by another
enforcing agency due to a conflict of interest, the fee schedule of the enforcing agency in
which the project is located shall be utilized in calculating the fees for the project. The
State training fee for the project and the reporting of the project pursuant to Department
requirements shall be submitted by the enforcing agency where the project is located.
After inspection or enforcement procedures have been performed, the agency that
performed such procedures shall provide the information required to be reported to the
municipality where the project is located. Permit documentation shall be shared between
the local enforcing agencies for timely and accurate reporting. The prior approvals
required in the municipality where the project is located shall apply.



BPMIA hosted the New Jersey Building Officials Association’s, regular monthly meeting, as we always do in May. The meeting was held at the Crow’s Nest Restaurant in Hackensack. There were 14 members of our association in attendance, and we heard information from representatives of Mitchell Humphry and e-Plan Soft and the plan review process pertaining to our jobs and their software integration. Thanks to those members of BPMIA who were present to represent our association.

Bring your code questions and comments, and also any topics you’d like to discuss at our regular meetings


If anyone is interested in a position on BPMIA’s executive board, send in your letter of intent by June 30, 2022, to the Nominating Committee chairman Mike Tabback. His email address is Get involved.

Contact President Ernie Sisco if you’re interested in serving on a Committee. Positions are still available for 2022


Congratulations to all newly sworn-in Officers and Directors for the 2022 year.

Ernie Sisco– President
Rich Silvia  – Vice President
Anthony Merlino – Secretary
Mel Streeter – Treasurer
Bob Schultz – Director for a three year term.

Officers and Directors were sworn in at our annual installation meeting/Christmas party by our friend and colleague, past President Felix Esposito.

September 14, 2022

proceeds will benefit scholarships and charities

Farmstead Golf and Country Club
88 Lawrence Road, Lafayette, NJ 07848

“AS ALWAYS”  Felix’s hospitality kart
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